SpiderFoot HX subscibers with access to the SpiderFoot HX API can now trigger SpiderFoot HX Investigations directly from within Vortimo!

What is Vortimo, you ask? Currently in Beta, Vortimo integrates OSINT capabilities directly into your browser. See it in action here by none other than Roelof Temmingh, the man behind Vortimo and original creator of Maltego:

If you have access to the SpiderFoot HX API, you can configure your API key in Vortimo to trigger an investigation of any entity (IP addresses, names, hostnames, etc.) in SpiderFoot HX. You can do so in Vortimo’s widget configuration section:

Then, when using Vortimo and wanting to trigger an investigation, simply double-click on the respective entity and click the ‘play’ button within the SpiderFoot widget:

You can now open the investigation in SpiderFoot HX and perform your analysis there to explore the OSINT available:

Enjoy, and keep an eye out for Vortimo’s public launch any day now, but you can already register for the beta here.