We are very excited to announce that the first alpha release of SpiderFoot HX’s third pillar, Investigations, is now live and ready to use.

All users have access to this feature, even those without a subscription for the time being, to get as much use out of the feature as possible and get all bugs out of the system.

To get started:

  • Click on the “Investigate” button in the top menu bar and then “Create a new Investigation”
  • Specify an investigation name and the target of your investigation (as with a scan; a name, e-mail address, etc.)
  • Click “Start Investigation”

This is where the fun starts.. you can now right-click on the node and select which module – or category of modules – to run against that entity and subsequent entities arising from your investigation. A quick illustration can be seen here:

Of course, this is just the beginning as the feature is in Alpha. Expect to see this grow with features in the coming weeks and months, and don’t forget to give feedback on what you’d like to see improved!