After over six months in the making, the SpiderFoot 3.4 open source release has a lot packed in with some major UI and back-end changes, plus many additional modules and improvements to existing modules.

Here’s the full list of what you’ll see in SpiderFoot 3.4:

  • Dark mode. Eliminate eye strain with the flick of a switch:
  • Threaded scanning architecture. SpiderFoot’s pub/sub model benefits hugely from parallelization, so you’ll notice a significant (10x or more) performance increase on large scans particularly on beefy machines.
  • 14 new modules.
  • Module updates to HaveIBeenPwned to look up phone numbers and collect paste information
  • Spyse module updated to use v4 of their API, returning significantly more data
  • AlienVault module updated to return URLs and bug fix to return co-hosted sites
  • Dropped stale modules for and watchguard.
  • Dropped support for Python < 3.7.
  • A significant number of bug fixes and data quality improvements across the core, unit tests and modules.

As usual a big thank you to @_bcoles, @thetechr0mancer and Krishnasis Mandal for all the work that helped make this release happen!

See the full list of changes since 3.3 here.

Download the 3.4 release here.