In SpiderFoot 3.2, we’ve shipped new modules, fixed a bunch of bugs from 3.1, enhanced a number of existing modules and continue working on test coverage and code quality.

The things you’ll most likely notice in 3.2 are:

  • Instructions for how to obtain API keys for all modules requiring them have now been added in the UI (see below).
  • 6 New modules:
  • Improvements to existing modules:
    • Emailrep now accepts an API key
    • IntelligenceX has been updated since they no longer provide a default public key (you need to register to obtain one for free)
    • refreshed with old sources removed an a new source added.
    • Spyse updated to use v3 of their API.
    • Credit Card Numbers are now only reported when found in dark web or paste content, due to the false positives reported.
    • Improvements/Fixes to SHODAN and Censys to extract more data.
  • If you have custom modules, the old docstring used to describe the module has been removed and replaced with a richer meta dictionary. Take a look at the file for more information.
For all modules that need API keys, instructions are available directly in the SpiderFoot web interface.

As usual a huge thanks goes to @_bcoles for all the work on improving test coverage and PEP8-compliance, and Krishnasis Mandal for the API key instructions!

Download the 3.2 release here.