Kali Linux is perhaps the most well known, widely used and advanced Linux distribution for Penetration Testers out there. It provides the best security tools pre-installed and ready for use in a Linux distribution so that you can install or live-boot the distribution and use any of the hundreds of tools available without having to install them and their dependencies.

Kali is based on Debian Linux and was initially released back in 2013, however it dates back even further to its BackTrack Linux roots starting in 2006! It has a vast community of users and supporters, is actively maintained and backed by Offensive Security; the same people behind the widely regarded OSCP certification.

And so, with the 2020.2 release yesterday, SpiderFoot joins the ranks of tools like nmap, Wireshark and Burp Suite as a bundled Kali Linux package.

To run SpiderFoot within Kali, follow these simple steps:

  1. Boot up Kali Linux, either as an installation or Live boot.
  2. Run the terminal.
  3. Run: spiderfoot -l
  4. Open the browser in Kali and navigate to