New Modules

This release introduces four new modules:

  • sfp_darksearch: The “dark web” is a term commonly used to refer to websites only accesible via Tor. Fortunately a search engine named Onion City indexes the sites and makes them searchable. This module will search Onion City for mentions of hostnames or domain names identified with your target.
  • sfp_historicThe WayBack Machine maintains a historical snapshot of most websites. This module will search that archive using their open API (no key needed) to find older versions of different types of pages. It is highly configurable, so you can choose what kind of pages you want historical pages for. By default the module will attempt to find historical versions of pages handling passwords and files identified by the Interesting Files module. However you can also configure the module to find historical versions of other page types.
  • sfp_duckduckgo: This module uses DuckDuckGo’s open API (no key needed) to find “meta” information about your target and affiliates, such as Wikipedia categories and abstract descriptions.
  • sfp_coderepo: In case your target has public code repositories (for now only Github is checked), this module will query Github’s open API (no key needed) to find such repositories.


  • TOR integration: Explained fully in this blog post.
  • sfp_accounts updated to check the existence of accounts across nearly 200 social media sites, provided by WebReacher, and as is used by recon-ng
  • sfp_malcheck updated, removing old SpyEye botnet checker from and added new Feodo checker.
  • Minor bug fixes and enhancements.