New Modules

This release introduces four new modules:

  • sfp_pgp: Public PGP key repositories will be searched for any identified e-mail addresses to obtain their PGP keys, and whole domains will also be searched to identify e-mail addresses on those domains.
  • sfp_whois: Obtains domain registrar information as well as the public Whois information from various Whois databases about netblocks and domain names.
  • sfp_pwned: Queries HaveIBeenPwned?.com for any identified e-mail addresses and, optionally, accounts.
  • sfp_accounts: Searches fifty popular websites for the existence of accounts with the same name as those find to be associated with your target.


  • File meta data module now extracts meta data from images (JPEG and TIFF)
  • File meta data module reports the software identified in file meta tags
  • Identifies names from e-mail addresses based on popular naming conventions
  • GEXF file export, for use in Gephi or other GEXF-handling tools
  • Bulk operations across scans (export data, delete, stop and repeat)
  • Clone the configuration of a previously run scan for a new scan
  • Re-run a previously run scan
  • Node graphs for all entities in a scan, together with image export