New functionality

After much demand, SpiderFoot now finally has a CLI! Watch this space for some video tutorials. Meanwhile, python ./ --help is your friend.

New Modules / Data Sources

This release introduces five new modules and an update to sfp_sharedip to include an additional data source:

  • sfp_googlemaps: Identifies potential physical addresses and latitude/longitude coordinates.
  • sfp_clearbit: Searches Clearbit Check for names, addresses, domains and more based on lookups of e-mail addresses identified.
  • sfp_alienvault: Searches AlienVault OTX for threat intelligence related to idenified IPs, netblocks, hostnames and affiliates.
  • sfp_bitcoin: Looks for Bitcoin wallet addresses in fetched web content.
  • sfp_malcheck: Now queries Fortinet and Watchguard’s threat intelligence data feeds. Dead references replaced with
  • sfp_dns: Now identifies DNS SPF records.

Enhancements / Bug fixes

  • Added a requirements.txt file for better dependency management.
  • UI “New Scan” and “Options” screens now show a lock icon next to modules requiring API keys.
  • SpiderFoot might sometimes hang on some DNS queries, so a timeout was introduced.
  • When fetching only HEAD requests (to determine the size of a request), a timeout was missing which is now added.
  • Additional information has been added to the About box.
  • Scan IDs are now much shorter, mainly to make workin with them in the CLI easier.
  • Misc. minor bug fixes and tweaks.