New releases and updates

SpiderFoot 2.9.0 released

SpiderFoot 2.9.0 is a big release including new functionality, data sources and bug fixes.

New Modules / Data Sources

This release introduces five new modules and an update to sfp_sharedip to include an additional data source:

  • sfp_cymon: Searches for potentially malicious IP addresses, subnets, domains and hostnames. Requires a freely available API key.

  • sfp_censys: Searches for information in their database about your target IPs/hosts. Censys contains information such as the Operating System, Geo-location information, open ports and more. For this you will need to register (free) for an API key.

  • sfp_hunter: Searches for potential e-mail addresses on your target domain name. Also needs an API key, freely available (with limits).

  • sfp_base64: Looks for base64-encoded strings inside URLs and fetched web content. This can be useful for sometimes identifying hidden information the author didn’t intend to make visible.

Enhancements / Bug fixes

  • sfp_accounts will produce way less false positives as it now also checks for the queried username to be mentioned within the returned social media site content.
  • sfp_names and others now use French, German and Spanish as well as English dictionaries for better word/name detection which ultimately means less false positives.
  • Removed the problematic use of metapdf in favor of PyPDF2.
  • Removed the inclusion of BeautifulSoup and now added it as a requirement to be installed. This should address the compatibility issues many experienced on Kali Linux.
  • The Windows binary has been compiled to not include SSL libraries causing conflicts on older versions of Windows, addressing errors some were seeing when trying to run 2.8.0 on Windows 7.
  • Miscellaneous tweaks and improvements to reduce crashes/errors and detect more data.

Download it here.