New releases and updates

SpiderFoot 2.6.0 released

SpiderFoot 2.6.0 is a big release including new functionality, data sources and bug fixes.

New Modules / Data Sources

This release introduces a new module and data sources:

  • sfp_vuln: A number of services and researchers out there scan public-facing sites for vulnerabilities and publish them, or accept vulnerability submissions from security researchers. This module scans and for mentions of your scan target (domain names and hostnames).
  • sfp_pastes: Previously only PasteBin was searched, but now Pastie and have been added (thanks ShellCodeNoobx!)
  • sfp_malcheck: 8 new data sources were added and a couple stale ones removed.


  • It’s now possible to flag a data element as a False Positive in the UI once a scan has completed. The flag can be set/unset as needed, and you have the ability to filter out false positives from view. The node graph visualisations will also filter out false positives from view. NOTE: if you set an element as false positive, any data element that was generated from that element will also be flagged as false positive.
  • You can now scan by use case in addition to by module, or by required data. The use cases are Footprint and Investigate, but you can also scan with a use case of ‘All’ to simply scan for all available data.
  • Minor bug fixes and enhancements.

Download it here.