SpiderFoot HX

SpiderFoot HX is a professional version of SpiderFoot offering more functionality, higher performance and different hosting options for professional penetration testers and organisations.

This version of SpiderFoot has the following capabilities:

  • Cloud-based - you will always be running the latest SpiderFoot, fully managed and secured by the people who created it
  • Scans are 5-10x faster thanks to a scalable and optimised back-end
  • Additional data analysis, prioritisation and drill-down capabilities
  • Automated scheduling of scans, with change detection
  • Comparison of scan results to identify changes between scans
  • Annotating results (i.e. creating notes)
  • API access to the back-end for running scans and accessing data
  • TLS-protected, authenticated access
  • Support

The Open Source version of SpiderFoot will continue to be developed and integrated with new data sources in addition to new functionality, but it will remain separate to this version.

We are looking for existing users of SpiderFoot who would be interested in participating in the SpiderFoot HX private beta and giving feedback.

If you would be interested in participating, please contact me.