Need help or have a feature request?

If you run into any problems running SpiderFoot, or have an idea for a feature that would be really for you, don’t hesitate to contact me. Open source projects feed on user input, so keep it coming!

Latest Updates

You can follow me on Twitter to get updates on any new features as they are being developed as I usually announce things there as they are committed to GitHub.

If you want to see changes as they are coming through to GitHub, you can also watch the repo.


I can be contacted by e-mail at

Feature Requests

SpiderFoot feature requests should be lodged through UserVoice so that they can be tracked and voted on, but you can also e-mail me directly.

About the Author

My name is Steve Micallef, and this is my personal website which has general information about me and other contact information, in case you are interested.